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The Cornell Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP) was initiated in the 1950s by faculty members in Cornell's Southeast Asia Program who were committed to making contemporary analyses of Indonesia and translations of its important documents available to scholars and students. The 75 titles in this series are divided into four categories: Interim Reports, Translations, Monographs, and Bibliographies. These works capture the drama of Indonesia's political and social evolution through the twentieth century: its struggle for independence from the Dutch under the leadership of Sukarno, reactions to the Japanese Occupation, the development of its civil government, its civil insurgencies, and the conditions that prevailed throughout the long dictatorship of General Suharto. A few other works in this series, such as Benedict Anderson's Mythology and the Tolerance of the Javanese, reflect on earlier Indonesian history relevant to the modern nation.

As of May, 2019, the Cornell Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP) collection has been moved to Hathi Trust. In preparation for the move, OCR quality of the collection was improved. In addition, Hathi Trust provides full-text search and computational analysis for text collections, improving scholarly access to the Cornell Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP) materials.