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Race, Ethnicity & Religion e-books at Cornell University

Displayed below are the Race, Ethnicity and Religion books available for viewing by the Cornell University Library. The Race-related titles displayed below were published by the Cornell University Press from 1986 to 2003. The Press has graciously allowed us to produce full-text eBook versions of these titles for use by the current Cornell community. If you are not a member of the current Cornell community, you can only view the citations of the books. Some of the Religion books are open to the public. The restricted books are clearly marked.

American Dream in Black & White: the Clarence Thomas Hearings Becoming American, Being Indian: an Immigrant Community in New York City Between Two Nations: The Political Predicament of Latinos in New York City Caribbean New York: Black Immigrants and the Politics of Race Cornell '69: Liberalism and the Crisis of the American University Discriminating Risk: the US Mortgage Lending Industry in the Twentieth Century Disowning Slavery: Gradual Emancipation and Race in New England, 1780-1860
Ethnic Politics Fences and Neighbors: the Political Geography of Immigration Control Forging America: Ironworkers, Adventurers, and the Industrious Revolution Hispanas de Queens: Latino Panethnicity in a New York City Neighborhood I'm Not a Racist, but...: The Moral Quandary of Race No Fire Next Time: Black-Korean Conflicts and the Future of America's Cities Old Labor and New Immigrants in American Political Development: Union, Party, and State, 1875-1920
Race Against Empire: Black Americans and Anticolonialism, 1937-1957 Racial Contract Racism and Justice: The Case for Affirmative Action The Woman's Bible The Battle for God: A History of Fundamentalism The History of God: the 4000-year quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Feminist spirituality and the feminine divine : an annotated bibliography
Goddesses & wise women : the literature of feminist spirituality, 1980-1992 The burned-over district Skepticism, belief, and the modern The heart of John Wesley's Journal Heaven and its wonders and hell The Book of Mormon Woman's Identity and the Qur'an
 A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology (Vol.1)  A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology (Vol.2) Revivalism, Social Conscience, and Community History of the Origins of Christianity Meditations on the Life of Christ Translation of the treatise Chagigah