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About the Project

Welcome to Cornell University Library's web site on issues of race, ethnicity and religion. The incentive behind the project was provided by the interest expressed in 2004 by University President Jeffrey S. Lehman, the Provost, the Vice Provost, the Cornell University Librarian and the Cornell University Press in collaborating on a web-based project that would facilitate informed study and discussion of issues related to race, ethnicity and religion on the Cornell campus and in the U.S.

In its initial pilot phase (Nov. 2003-August 2004), the site provided suggestions for supplementary readings for the students in the Spring 2004 courses on Race in the United States and at Cornell (GOVT 210) and Judaism, Christianity and Islam (NES 251), including access to full text electronic versions of selected books published by the Cornell Uinversity Press. The purpose of the site was to encourage students to explore race, ethnicity and religion further.

In its second phase, the project was opened to the whole Cornell community, the content was expanded and course-specific content was removed.

The resources collected here represent the breadth of CU Library's print and electronic collections, as well as the expertise of CU faculty and the library's subject specialists and selectors. Most of the resources are from the Library's collection but outside sources have also been included. The inclusion of a resource does not constitute an endorsement of the views expressed there on the part of the University. No category is meant to be exhaustive or definitive. The readers are encouraged to explore further on their own.

About the Project

James A. Perkins in the Temple of Zeus, Goldwin Smith Hall (1965)